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Toucan play - Regent first major contractor to adopt cleaning innovation - March 2012

Steam - raising the standard of cleaning - Food Technology, August 2009

DeepClean & Sanitise Without Chemicals - Auckland Today, August/September 2009

Toucan play - Regent first major contractor to adopt cleaning innovation

Toucan ecoRegent Cleaning is the first major UK contractor to adopt a ground-breaking innovation in cleaning solutions development.

The Coventry-based contractor is standardising the use of Toucan-Eco - a natural, cost effective and simple system for disinfection and cleaning using a solution made from tap water, salt and a small electrical input - across all of its operational sites.

Regent currently employs 4,500 operatives at over 1000 sites, serviced via 14 regional offices. The company aims to have two Toucan Eco units in use on every site.

Developed by UK company Centrego, the solution's added qualities of non-toxicity and overall ecological soundness are expected to see ready adoption of the solution in a diversity of environments.

Trials of Toucan Eco at select sites have been followed by full staff training held by Regent Cleaning and Centrego.

Regent sees Toucan Eco as a perfect solution for cleaning most areas and particularly hard surfaces using microfibre wiping and mopping systems.

Inexpensive to purchase, store and transport, and easy-to-mix and non-hazardous in application, it constitutes a revolution in cleaning that brings benefits in safety, cost and environmental sustainability, say the company.

Toucan Eco's infection control properties are expected to attract particular interest, adds Regent Cleaning training & HR support officer Mark Mahoney.

Regent Cleaning's adoption of the Toucan Eco system has been welcome by Centrego. Says Centrego managing director Robin Turner:

"Regent's primary drive is to continually improve the service it provides clients and to take real and meaningful steps to implementing a 'green clean' footprint on all the sites it cleans.

"Regent treats both suppliers and clients equally as partners, doing what they said they would do, when they said they would, without fuss or delay. From our very first meeting it was apparent that the company was not only professional but determined to put the concept of customer service into practice."

Says Robin: "Regent's focus is on team working to ensure that staff training, product distribution and internal promotional materials are coordinated to ensure a seamless delivery to users."

A subsidiary of France's Groupe Samsic, Regent Cleaning provides a wide range of standalone environmental care programs as well as an integrated service offer with its partner, Regent Security.

Steam - raising the standard of cleaning

Peter McPhail, director of the McPhail Group and its division, SteamPlus, says that the food manufacturing industry faces the continual challenge of maintaining the highest cleaning standards at the lowest cost. Public and government pressures, widely publicised by the media, bring the whole topic of food safety sharply into focus.

Osprey DeepClean hygiene systems, distributed by SteamPlus, exceed all regulatory food hygiene requirements, enhancing the professional's own HACCP schemes. There is no safer or more cost-effective way to ensure that hygiene cleaning methods are being fully optimised than by the introduction of dry-steam cleaning techniques.

The Osprey DeepClean range of professional hygiene systems designed for the food industry ensures that the systems meet and exceed the expectations of our growing list of users, which includes food manufacturing and processors, leading cleaning contractors, hotel and leisure groups, retail and fast food outlets.

Osprey DeepClean has dedicated considerable investment in development and manufacturing resources. This ensures it is at the forefront of the dry-steam cleaning technology. SteamPlus has a commitment to give the food industry the ultimate solutions for their cleaning and hygiene needs.

The Osprey DeepClean range of professional hygiene systems will improve the standards of cleanliness in food preparation. This will result, not only in greater hygiene standards, but in extended lifetimes of equipment and prolonged refurbishment intervals. Furthermore, because the systems are so simple and efficient to use, the savings in labour costs alone can pay for the cost of the equipment.

The latest steam technology uses very little water and no harsh chemicals, so it provides maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact.

The benefits of the Osprey DeepClean system are:

  • Up to 40 per cent labour saving
  • Improved bactericidal efficacy
  • Instantly dry surfaces, ready to use
  • Ergonomically designed and colour coded accessories available on request
  • Optional ability to pre-spray chemical
  • Powerful built-in wet and dry vacuum cleaner available on certain models
  • Improved compliance with 'HACCP' standards

The industrial range is suited to food processors that operate on an industrial scale. The three phase models provide working steam temperatures if 165-180 degrees Celsius, deployed at pressures from eight to ten bar.

These machines can generate from over 200 litres to a maximum nominal steam volume of 800 litres per minute - making fast work of even the most stubborn ingrained dirt, grease, and grime imaginable. A detergent injection facility is also available for even speedier removal of dirt in heavier soiled areas.

DeepClean & Sanitise Without Chemicals

While we try to prevent the spread of disease by cleaning, 150 of our everyday cleaning products have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.

The average home and business contains more chemicals than ever, yet there is a way to get them off our shelves and still kill disease - dry steam cleaning and sanitising.

While traditional cleaning methods and disinfectants remove dirt from the surface, dry steam cleaning works deep into the pores of surfaces allowing organic materials to be removed by water and micro-fibre cloths.

We all know high temperature steam will dissolve fats and oils and kill bacteria; it's just a question of control and safety. Just 12 months on the market in New Zealand, and the answer is here with the Osprey DeepClean hygiene systems market by SteamPlus director Peter McPhail.

Steam is environmentally friendly, reducing the use of chemicals by 80-90 percent and reducing water use by 90-95 percent. The Osprey DeepClean systems utilises five-six percent water content - for every one litre of water it uses, it creates 1600 litres of steam. Not only does it remove dirt but sanitises surfaces far better than the traditional mp and bucket, killing potentially harmful diseases. It also reduces the use of resources for heating the water at the same time.

The savings speak for themselves - time, water usage and chemical usage are all savings.

The process is simple - fill the machine with 5 litres of water, (and biodegradable detergent if necessary), plug it in and leave it for approximately 10 minutes while the boiler heats up. Simply pull the trigger and the steam ill be expelled to clean and sanitise the area.

The steam released from the systems is approximately 160 degrees C, well in excess of the 130 degrees which most infectious diseases are killed at. High temperature steam reaches the organic material deep down in the surface. The dead organisms, even in the innermost pores can then be removed by simply wiping it away or sucking it up into he wet and dry vacuum in the machine, effectively restricting further germ growth. Rinsing water, residuals and wastes are all 100 percent biodegradable.

Steam is safer in terms of use at higher temperature where the water particulate is smaller (dry steam) and cools more quickly, the saturated steam from a kettle can scald faster than dry steam.

While steam created with higher water content leaves a wet surface, dry steam leaves the surface instantly dry, sanitised, and ready to use. And as there are no chemicals needed in the process, you can do the work while staff are on site.

The machines clean everything from hard surfaces such as tiles and grouting, through to soft furnishings including carpets, curtains and mattresses.

Discarded chewing gum, together with fly posters and graffiti, also presents a huge cleaning problem in all public places, not to mention the problems they pose for our businesses. Apart from the negative visual effect, the economic and environmental impact of current cleaning method is significant.

With the same steam cleaning technology, those problems can be solved in an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly way. All you need is the accessories and you can utilise environmentally friendly detergent to delaminate gum from surfaces while the high steam temperature instantly dissolves it.

If you're looking for an expensive time consuming, not to mention back breaking cleaning system - go elsewhere. For a simple method for cleaning and sanitising, check out the Osprey DeepClean range available from McPhail Group/SteamPlus with hire and lease to own options available.

Peter McPhail