Food industry cleaning

Supermarket Steam Cleaning

Why steam cleaning is needed in supermarkets

Supermarkets have a wide variety of cleaning chores well suited to dry steam cleanin. High customer traffic brings the need for regular and complete cleaning of a wide variety of areas and surfaces. Previously difficult to clean areas are more easily and more completely cleaned and sanitised at the same time.

Store Maintenance

  • Easily deep clean and sanitise tile and grout, floors, mats, rugs and carpets
  • Clean mirrors, windows and glass without chemicals - no streaks or smears
  • Fixtures, doors, counters and display cases are completely cleaned, even the hardest-to-reach cracks, crevices and textured surfaces
  • Quickly and easily clean tables, furniture, microwaves, refridgerators and rugs in staff rest areas
  • Checkout counters and conveyor belts can be completely cleaned of chemical and bacterial contaminants
  • Create the most sanitary and healthy environment possible for your customers

Department Benefits

  • Dairy - clean and sanitise display cases, refridgerators, shelves, fans and condensers. Spills can be cleaned quickly with no mess or contamination left behind
  • Bakery - ovens, baking trays and racks, floors, hoods, display cases and preparation areas are all deep cleaned and sanitised in one simple process
  • Butcher Shop and Meats - cutting tables, cutting boards, sinks and display cases are all left sparkling clean and free of bacterial, viral and chemical contamination
  • Deli and Produce - displays, floors, walls, food preparation areas, refridgerators, freezers, counters and food service areas are all cleaned, sanitised and deodorised in a matter of minutes

Save time, labour costs and money, and with better results than before. Clean with water, not chemicals, for a cleaner environment for you, your staff and your customers. Steam cleaning can do it all!

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